Poll Question: When should Arizona break out the copper helmets?

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Helmet pic tweeted by Greg Byrne

Anthony Gimino of TucsonCitizen.com wrote a blog today about comments made by Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez regarding Arizona’s use of copper helmets in at least one game this season. Rodriguez told reporters Monday that he knows which game the Wildcats will unveil the copper lids.

“I already know which game,” he said. “But I can’t tell you. The players don’t know either. I don’t even think my wife knows.”

Let’s say you had the same pull as Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne and Rodriguez, which game would you unveil the copper helmets? Please answer the poll with this blog. The result will be interesting. My choice is the USC game on Oct. 27. They should be worn at home in a special game. Why not against the second-ranked Trojans?

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