Ex-Arizona Wildcats TE Rob Gronkowski has unthinkable teammate

Rob Gronkowski is not viewed as the straight-and-narrow type

Rob Gronkowski is not viewed as the straight-and-narrow type

Tim Tebow and former Arizona tight end Rob Gronkowski in the same locker room will be as entertaining as Felix Unger and Oscar Madison coexisting.

Thank you New England Patriots for the possibility of making it happen.

The Patriots reportedly are expected to sign Tebow and the controversial quarterback is scheduled to participate in the team’s mandatory mini-camp on Tuesday.

Tebow is one of the least-played and most-discussed NFL players in history because the former Heisman Trophy winner is a choir boy with athleticism. Gronkowski is the anti-Tebow, far from being the straight-and-narrow type. He was once pictured with a porn star — or porn “actress” as he refers to her to justify it — and he parties like a rock star in Las Vegas on Super Bowl night although his forearm is on the mend.

Gronkowski once went so far as to say during a Rhode Island University function that he would “F Tebow to take his virginity”.

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