Dime: No Arizona Wildcats among top lottery-pick busts since 2000

Although Arizona is tied with Kentucky and Duke with the most NBA draft picks (34) since 1988, the Wildcats do not have one that made Dime Magazine’s biggest busts in the lottery in the last 12 years.

Nine of Arizona’s last 10 first-round selections since 1988 were lottery picks. The Wildcats have six lottery picks who fall into the timeline of Dime Magazine’s ranking.

They are Richard Jefferson (13th pick, 2001, Houston Rockets), Andre Iguodala (ninth pick, 2004, Philadelphia 76ers), Channing Frye (eighth pick, 2005, New York Knicks), Jerryd Bayless, (eleventh pick, 2008, Indiana Pacers), Jordan Hill, (eigth pick, 2009, New York Knicks) and Derrick Williams (second pick, 2011, Minnesota Timberwolves).

All were listed on NBA rosters this season. Frye was inactive because of an enlarged heart that required rest.

Arizona had five lottery picks ahead of them, all of whom achieved success in the NBA: Sean Elliott (third pick, 1989, San Antonio Spurs), Brian Williams (10th pick, 1991, Orlando Magic), Damon Stoudamire (seventh pick, 1995, Toronto Raptors), Mike Bibby (second pick, 1998, Vancouver Grizzlies) and Jason Terry (10th pick, 1999, Atlanta Hawks).

Scoring is career scoring average

Player Pick Year Team 2012-13 Scoring
mug.RichardJefferson Richard Jefferson 13 2001 Houston Golden State 14.9
mug.AndreIguodala Andre Iguodala 9 2004 Philadelphia Denver 15.1
mug.ChanningFrye Channing Frye 8 2005 New York Phoenix* 9.7
mug.JerrydBayless Jerryd Bayless 11 2008 Indiana Memphis 8.3
mug.JordanHill Jordan Hill 8 2009 New York L.A. Lakers 5.6
mug.DerrickWilliams Derrick Williams 2 2011 Minnesota Minnesota 10.5

* — Did not play because of enlarged heart

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