Cowboy Up Baseball Classic: Day 1 Results

5th Annual Ideal Physical Therapy Cowboy Up Baseball Classic

Presented by Cienega & Sahuaro

Kino Sports Complex: February 26-March 1

Baseball gets underway with Cowboy Up Invite

The Cienega baseball team is joining forces with Sahuaro to host the 5th Annual Ideal Physical Therapy Cowboy Up Classic to be held from February 26 to March 1 at the Kino Sports Complex.

22 teams are taking part.

Wednesday’s Results
Foothills 12, Sabino 4
Ironwood Ridge 5, Empire 3
Sahuaro 8, Mountain View 1
Cienega 6, Sahuarita 1
Buena 3, Sunnyside 0
CDO 7, Pueblo 3

Pool A
Ironwood Ridge
Gilbert Campo Verde

Pool B
Catalina Foothills
Gilbert Highland
Rio Rico

Pool C
Vista Grande

Pool D
Canyon del Oro
Desert View

Mountain View

Pool F

Thursday, February 27

Field 3
3:30pm Campo Verde vs Empire

Field 4
1:00pm Rincon vs Sahuarita
4:00pm Highland vs Foothills
7:00pm CDO  Desert View

Field 5
1:00pm Sahuaro vs Yuma
4:00pm Cienega vs Rincon
7:00pm Sabino vs Rio Rico

Field 6
1:00pm Flagstaff vs Pueblo
4:00pm Yuma vs Mtn View
7:00pm I-Ridge vs Amphi

Field 7
1:00pm Sunnyside vs Vista Grande
4:00pm Cholla vs Vista Grande
7:00pm Buena vs Cholla

Friday, February 28

Field 3
12:30pm Sunnyside vs Cholla
3:30pm Buena vs Vista Grande

Field 4
1:00pm Pueblo vs Desert View
4:00pm Flagstaff vs Desert View
7:00pm Flagstaff vs CDO

Field 5
1:00pm Sahuarita vs Yuma
4:00pm Sahuaro vs Rincon
7:00pm Mtn View vs Cienega

Field 6
1:00pm Highland vs Sabino
4:00pm Highland vs Rio Rico
7:00pm Rio Rico vs Foothills

Field 7
1:00pm Empire vs Amphi
4:00pm Campo Verde   vs Amphi
7:00pm Campo Verde vs I-Ridge

Saturday, March 1

Field 3
9:00am A4 B4
12:00pm A2 B2

Field 4
9:00am C4 D4
12:00pm E2 F2
3:00pm #1 Bye Seed #4 vs #5 seed WINNER

Field 5
9:00am E3 F3
12:00pm #3 #6
3:00pm #2 Bye seed #3 vs #6 WINNER

6:00pm #1 SEED vs #4/#5 Winner  vs
#2 SEED vs #3/#6 Winner

Field 6
9:00am A3 B3
12:00pm C2 D2

Field 7
9:00am  C3  D3
12:00pm #4  #5 publisher, writer and editor Javier Morales is a former Arizona Press Club award winner. He also writes articles for Bleacher Report and Lindy’s College Sports.

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