Game Blog: Arizona holds on to pull off the huge upset.

**Changing up the blog format. Going to do it in one post**

– A resurrection has taken place in the second half and it’s thanks to Nick Wilson. The freshman running back, who was relatively quite in the first half, just ran up and down Oregon’s defense on the opening drive of the second half. He picked up 38 yards on just three yards and capped it off with a three-yard touchdown run. Arizona’s offensive line dominated the point of attack on the drive.

– Oregon answered with a touchdown drive capped off with a Mariota 6-yard touchdown. Oregon seemed to have found a rhythm and Arizona made several mistakes, both mental and physical.

– That defensive struggle we saw in the first half is gone. Anu Solomon had an impressive performance on a drive where Rodney Hardrick literally ripped his helmet off. Nick Wilson capped off the drive with another short touchdown run. The key play on the drive was a long completion to Terris Jones-Grigsby.

– The defense’s huge stop leads to another impressive touchdown drive. Guess who caught the touchdown pass… Nick Wilson. The 34-yard touchdown reception featured Wilson trucking an Oregon defender. Wilson looks to have hit his groove.

– Arizona comes up with a huge goal line stance and holds the Ducks to three on a drive where Mariota seemed to get on a roll and the offense was moving rather easily. After the end of the third, he drive stalled and Arizona was able to dodge a bullet.

– The Wildcats drive stalls as they fail to reach the first down marker on 4th and 2. Nick Wilson was not on the field for the drive.

– Oregon was able to stop Arizona and tie the game up on a big drive in the middle of the fourth. The Wildcats marched down the field and the drive appeared to stall, but a questionable unsportsmanlike conduct call on third and long. That play was immediately followed up with a pass interference and then two short runs to force Oregon to begin using its timeouts. After the timeout, Arizona punched the ball in, capping off a huge and pretty much perfect drive. Terris Jones-Grigsby has easily had the best game of his collegiate career.

– A huge strip by Scooby Wright, who ripped the ball right out of Mariota’s hand, put Oregon’s back against the wall and an impressive third down run by Terris Jones-Grigsby that moved a pile of Oregon defenders past the first down marker to ice the game.

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