Halftime update: Arizona fails to take advantage of impressive defense

Arizona appeared to be on its way to points towards the end of the first half until a botched read-option ld to a fumble inside the Oregon 10 and the Wildcats came away with 0 points. Instead of potentially leading at the half, the Cats entered intermission down 7-3.

The defense surprised everyone but the Wildcats offense failed to capitalize on numerous opportunities.

– Solomon doesn’t appear to be the slightest bit intimidated in Autzen, but he hasn’t been able to lead any touchdown drives either. He finished with just 70 yards passing in the first half and 1 interception. He also has a punt that landed at the 1-yard line on his resume tonight.

– Nick Wilson has generally been the go-to back early in the season, but Terris Jones-Grigsby has been the guy to carry the load tonight. UA has 102 yards on the ground, including 57 from Jones-Grigsby on 11 carries. Unfortunately a botched exchange between Jones-Grigsby and Solomon cost Arizona a potential seven points.

– Oregon corners have shut down the duo of Austin Hill and Cayleb Jones. The pair has combined for just one reception for minus-2 yards.

– The Wildcats pass rush has been more efficient tonight. Derrick Turituri had a pair of key sacks on consecutive plays to end a first-half drive.

– Oregon has just 210 yards of total offense in the first half. If that doesn’t sound impressive then you are unfamiliar with the combination of Arizona’s defense + Oregon’s offense.

– Arizona’s front seven (or six depending on approach) has held the Ducks to 3.4 yards rushing and — as stated earlier — has sacked Mariota on multiple occasions.

– Arizona’s final five possessions in the first half: Interception, punt, punt, punt, fumble.

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