Arizona falls to UCLA, 17-7.

Welcome to the live blog for Arizona @ UCLA. Check back in after kick-off for constant updates. I encourage comments in the section below.

Looks like Bondurant may play. (EDIT: He has played, but his knee appeared to be wrapped / have a brace on it)

We are underway in Pasadena. Arizona gets the ball at the 25 after a touchback.

Arizona appears to be marching down the field but is facing a critical third down to keep the drive alive. Solomon’s composure has been solid thus far, but he has mis-read two option plays that may have cost them big yards.

Mora uses an early timeout and doesn’t appear happy at all.

Aaaaaand he can’t be any happier now as the Bruins get called for unsportsmanlike conduct (Miles Jack) after stopping the Cats on third down. Then Jack rips Jones-Grigsby helmet off and gets called for a 15-yard facemask.

Beautiful throw from Solomon to Jones to give the Cats a 7-0 lead. Solomon had beautiful command on that series. Also, thanks Miles Jack.

Arizona 7, UCLA 0

UCLA seems to be responding well. Hundley has them moving.

But a holding penalty seems to take the momentum away from their offense. Hundley misses an open WR and McKnight makes a nice play on a sideline pass and forces the receiver out before his foot can come down in bounds. Arizona will take over inside their own ten after a Bruins punt.

The Wildcats have blocking issues and they go three and out, which seems to have jump-started the UCLA offense.

Arizona hasn’t shown the four man front with Scooby on the end yet this game. That was a successful approach last week against Wazzu.

Getting manhandled in the trenches and missing tackles is not a winning combination. Luckily Arizona brought the heat on two plays. An impressive run stop followed by a sack by Scooby Wright.

Wow…Fairbairn misses. Arizona still up 7-0.

UCLA seems to have found their groove on offense. The Bruins running game has gashed the Wildcats on this drive. But, Scooby and Cody Ippolito both penetrate the offensive line to stop Perkins twice. Bruins settle for a field goal.

Pretty impressive stop by the defense. The numbers may not be pretty, but the Cats are swarming when it matters.

Arizona 7. UCLA 3

The Bruins keep shooting themselves in the foot on defense. Another stop on third down nullified by a defensive hold. Wildcats drive is alive.

Solomon’s passes have too much air under them. Not enough zip. Missing numerous opportunities in succession. The Bruins will get the ball back.

UCLA has picked up several third down conversions on the ground. That’s a bad sign going forward.

The Wildcats’ defense came to play tonight. Scooby, Tevis, Ippolito and now Allah have made huge plays throughout the first half. Great job by Jeff Casteel thus far.

Arizona’s offense is unfortunately stagnant at the moment. Solomon hasn’t been making many good reads since the first drive and has missed numerous open receivers or simply doesn’t locate them.

Arizona’s defense simply cannot stop UCLA on third down. And not Jourdon Grandon has been ejected for “targeting”.

I spoke too soon. The Cats third down defense comes through. Jared Tevis with another big stop.

Rich Rodriguez appears to want to run the clock out and go into the half. Riggleman’s punt bounces for a 70-yard total and UCLA takes a kneel.

All things considered, a very successful first half for UA. Impressive showing by the defense. Probably not what Rodriguez wants as far as third down defense is concerned, but the Wildcats have come up with stops at crucial points in every drive.

MVP of the first half goes to Scooby.


2nd Half

Scooby picks up where he left off in the first half. He comes up with another big stop on third down. But Arizona has to start from inside its own five yard line.

Arizona’s offense simply cannot get anything going. Although the officials, for whatever reason, missed an absolutely blatant targeting call that has knocked Austin Hill out of the game, Arizona set itself back with an offensive pass interference that negated a long pass to Terris Jones-Grigsby.

Arizona’s defense is shouldering too big of a load here. They appear to be losing energy. UCLA is on the verge of taking the lead.

Cam Denson drops an interception in the end zone. Ouch.

UCLA’s offensive line wins at the point of attack and the result is seven points for the Bruins.

UCLA 10, Arizona 7

Anu Solomon is having his worst game as a Wildcat. 4/18, 30 yards.

ANd now the UA defense is falling part. Hundley gets Denson to bite on the double move and burns the freshman corner for a 70 yard touchdown to Jordan Payton.

UCLA 17, Arizona 7

Solomon is attempting to get into a rhythm. Cayleb Jones saves Solomon, which the QB followed up with a quick strike to Neal and a quick pitch to Jones-Grigsby. Unfortunately, Solomon still holds the ball too long, which caused a sack for a loss of six.

Solomon gets another pass batted down at the line. Now Trey traps a pass. Dad is not impressed.

Another drop from Neal. Not necessarily on target by Solomon, but still should have been caught. Solomon has been disappointing tonight, but his receivers are doing him no favors.

Skowron misses a field goal, which puts a huge dent in Arizona’s chances tonight. The offense is still having issues.

One big problem for the offense has been the play of the receivers. They are having trouble getting open and when they do find space, holding on the ball has been a problem.

Third down defense strikes again. 3rd and 17 and Hundley finds a way to scamper for a first down.


Arizona is able to come up with another stop and the offense will get an opportunity to put a drive together. Solomon must find his confidence and his teammates must not make his life any more difficult than it has to be.

The Wildcats simply can’t get anything going on offense. David Richards catches a third down pass a yard short of the first down marker. Rodriguez sends the punting unit out with only one yard needed for a first and UA down 10 in the fourth quarter. Not sure I agree with the decision.

Well, shows what I know. The Wildcats defense comes through. Gilbert’s sack was completely unexpected.

Side note: Arizona has been given 118 yards due to penalties thus far. Yet, this normally prolific offense has only mustered up seven points and we are half way through the fourth quarter.

Solomon simply cannot get a receiver to catch a pass as Neal drops yet another one. Arizona only needs 18 seconds to go three and out. The fat lady is warming up.

This is not looking good for Arizona. The defense looks tired. UCLA moving the ball without resistance.

But now Hundley coughs the ball up and Arizona gets the ball back. Let’s see if Anu can whip up some late magic.
Solomon led a drive that could have netted a field goal, but Skowron’s field goal is blocked. Arizona’s playoff dreams have evaporated in front of our eyes.

Tough loss for Arizona, but the Wildcats still have a lot to play for going forward.


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