Arizona Wildcats Top 50 Football Games: We’re at No. 17 and counting

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Our Arizona Wildcats Top 50 Football Games ranking is shown as a slideshow starting at No. 50 (click on “next” at the upper or lower right to get started) …

Every day we will have data related to the number of days remaining to kickoff — Texas-San Antonio vs. Arizona — on Sept. 3 at Arizona Stadium. That game is only 18 days away.

Anthony Gimino compiled Arizona’s best player by jersey number while with three years ago. The best No. 17 was wide receiver
Richard Dice (1993-96). He was a tough guy with great leaping ability who is best remembered for playing — and playing well — with a torn ACL in a 1995 victory at ASU.

Richard Dice was a gamer in every sense of the word


For the third straight year, presents the Arizona Wildcats’ Top 50 games in the program’s history.

The ranking corresponds to the number of days left to the opening kickoff for the Arizona Wildcats against Texas-San Antonio on Sept. 3 at Arizona Stadium. We are only 17 days from the start of the 2015 football season.

The ranking each year is based on new research and judgments for all games, not just those from last season. This year, four new games join the ranking, including one played more than 50 years ago that — upon further review — deserves Top 50 status. That game was presented at No. 38. The No. 1-ranked game last year may not be the No. 1 this year.

You can view the countdown by clicking on the “next” arrow at the upper or lower right …

— Fittingly, Dice had 17 touchdown receptions in his career, which ranks No. 8 in the Arizona record book. He also led the Wildcats in 1994 averaging 17.3 yards per reception.

— One of the most unsung quarterbacks in Arizona history — Bruce Hill — compiled 17.13 yards per completion in 1975 (102 completions for 1,747 yards).

Nick Foles had a great run of games completing a touchdown pass

Nick Foles completed a touchdown pass in a school-record 17 consecutive games between 2010 and 2011.

— The Wildcats were penalized a school-record 17 times at Oregon State in 2003, a 52-23 loss in Corvallis.

— When the Wildcats are ranked No. 17 in the AP Top 25 poll, they usually win. They have a 12-3 record with that ranking.

— No. 17 on this year’s roster includes junior tight end Josh Kern and freshman cornerback Jace Whittaker.

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