Honoring our Veterans


Our father, Hector A. Morales, Jr. in Korea.

Our father, Hector A. Morales, Jr. in Korea.

We may never agree on the many wars they fought or on the many causes that sent them so far away. Most of us will never know the pain they must have suffered or the terror they must have witnessed. That is how it should be.

For, we can argue the causes of war. We can disagree on the reasoning. But let us not forget, we are only free to disagree because of their sacrifice.

Though many have died and many have returned wounded, the majority of Americans back home have never worn the uniform. Many of us have never had to take up arms against another in the battlefields of war. The few have done this, either through conscription or free will, so that the many can live free from pain and free from terror.

Many have died and many have been wounded but many have yet to return home. Some have been transformed from flesh to ashes through the mystery of life in fields, forests and seas far away. We might never see those men and women again. Not on earth, only in Heaven.

But many have yet to return home because they are still standing ground. Still fulfilling their many duties. Some are in immediate harms way and some are not. They shoulder this burden so that the sons and daughters of others back home may be free from it.

It is the mothers who deserve our greatest gratitude. From their womb they deliver. From their heart they give. Though many cherish the moment when we, as a country, return their sons and daughters, many will be forever waiting.

It is my wish that they will never wait alone. No matter how noble the cause, the price they paid came at too high a cost. It can never be fully repaid.

We can only try to repay for the many sacrifices by honoring those who went before and those who will go in the future. Not just one day, everyday.

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