Class of 2017, 2018 & 2019 baseball rankings


Jacob Allen (Andy Morales/

Jacob Allen (Andy Morales/

Rankings compiled by Jeff Rattay

Here are the individual player rankings for the class of 2017, 2018 and 2019 for players from Southern Arizona:

Class of 2017
1: Nick Breuser, Hamilton
9: Jacob Allen, Ironwood Ridge
16: Evan Williams, Horizon (University of Arizona)
17: Gabe Gordon, Mountain View
21: Nick Gonzales, Cienega
34: Izzy Carrillo, Cienega
49: Michael Santorelli, Canyon del Oro
55: Bryan Laplander, Sunnyside
72: Greg Brown, Ironwood Ridge
80: Angel Castillo, Sunnyside
81: Sam Alberts, Catalina Foothills
95: Tyson Coleman, Benson

Class of 2018
1: Nolan Gorman, O’Connor (University of Arizona)
3: Dante DeNiro, Catalina Foothills
6: Tyler Porter, Canyon del Oro
23: Ian Mejia, Sahuarita
24: George Arias, Tucson (University of Arizona)
29: Mikey Laplander, Sunnyside
37: Kevin Jimenez, Nogales
47: Michael Corral, Tucson
48: Antonio Fernandez, Salpointe
51: Saul Escarrega, Sahuarita
53: Diego Truesdell, Canyon del Oro
55: Alex Bustamante, Canyon del Oro
59: Cole Altherr, Catalina Foothills
61: John Dormanen, Ironwood Ridge
64: J. Bill Rivera, Salpointe
78: Alex Kelch, Tucson
79: Chris Kowalcek, Catalina Foothills
82: Saul Suazo, Sunnyside
83: Brian Romero, Canyon del Oro
86: Tyler Gray, Empire
91: Marcel Bachelier, Nogales
92: Steven Saunders, Buena
96: AJ Van Bogaert, Canyon del Oro

Class of 2018 Watch List
Brayden Benavides, Canyon del Oro
Devin Garrett, Cienega
Terrell Huggins, Cienega
Adrian Maldonado, Canyon del Oro
Julio Morales, Tucson
Angel Ochoa, Sahuarita
Gabe Rosthenhausler, Sunnyside

Class of 2019 Watch List
Braden Boisvert, Empire
Julian DeAlva, Ironwood Ridge
Jordan Elliott, Cienega (Top 10)
German Fajardo, Nogales
Tanner Foshay, Tanque Verde
Ryan Grabosch, Desert Christian (Top 10)
Alec Larson, Catalina Foothills
Simon Lytle, Canyon del Oro
Trey Meza, Sahuarita
Seth Nager, Ironwood Ridge
Ian Ponce, Salpointe
Ajay Ram, Ironwood Ridge
Raul Soto Romero, Tucson

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