Arizona Wildcats’ Digital Gurus make even a sleeveless Rich Rod something to behold


Rich Rodriguez in gladiator gear? Believe it or not, that works.

Arizona’s Digital Gurus, who have a brief history of producing goosebump-guaranteed videos for Wildcat fans, even make a sleeveless Rodriguez worth a watch.

In the above video, you can view their latest production “Are You Not Entertained?” It displays a Gladiator-movie theme with Rodriguez and some Arizona players in full Roman empire regalia. Some of Arizona’s most memorable plays in the Rodriguez era — going on five years now — are also on display.

My only question is: How did Rodriguez make it to the top of one of the mountains near what looks to be “A” Mountain? If he made it on his own, he is in good shape. Maybe his team can reflect that this season?

Here are more of the Digital Gurus’ finest productions: publisher, writer and editor Javier Morales is a former Arizona Press Club award winner. He also writes articles for Bleacher Report and Lindy’s College Sports.

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